Fan-tailed Warbler

Fan-tailed Warbler

Friday, June 24, 2016

Wisconsin - Part 3

When I first set out making blog posts on this trip to Wisconsin, I had no idea how many posts it was going to take, but I think I can safely say, there will be more than I anticipated.  This third day, Chris and I, headed north to the Green Bay area and the first stop was Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.  This was a great place with a lot of birds.  The waterfowl area provided us with Trumpeter and Tundra Swans and my first ever American Black Duck. 

 American Black Duck

 Trumpeter Swan

Tundra Swan

Of course there were many other birds to be found at this location and some were birds that I had not seen for sometime and it was fun to observe and try to get some photos as well.  

 American Goldfinch

 Brown Thrasher - Doing what it does best; hiding from the camera!

 Purple Martin

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

 Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey with 3 chicks (one in the lower left corner in the grass, hard to see)

Next stop was the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Arboretum - Lambeau Cottage.  The place did not offer any new life birds for me but I finally was able to get a photos of a Great-crested Flycatcher.  My first sighting was not a great one and definitely no photos.  This bird is a member of the Myiarchus flycatcher family and is the eastern version of some of the Myiarchus flycatchers found in the western part of the United States  Some times they can be hard to identify, but their call notes are all very different, so learning those calls is vital to identification many times.  

 Great-crested Flycatcher

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is probably the most recognized species of hummingbird in the United States, as it is the only species seen on a regular basis throughout the eastern part of the US.  In Arizona alone, we have 15 species of hummingbirds; some are easier to find than others, but most are reported at least once a year.  This was not a life bird as I had seen a female in Texas two years ago, so being able to finally see a male and get photos was a great success in my opinion.  This bird and the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker below were visitors to the back yard of Chris's grandmother.  

 Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

More to come on future posts.  Just too many birds to include all on just a couple of posts.  And there is going to be about a 3 day break from future posts due to an upcoming trip to a place with cooler temps!  


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