Fan-tailed Warbler

Fan-tailed Warbler

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tres Rios Wetlands - 23 Nov 2012

Kind of exhausting when one has a long weekend to go birding.  With all the birding excursions I completed in the 4 days off for Thanksgiving, I have not had time to create any posts to my blog.  Will have to work on that this week, before the next weekend arrives.  My idea of a Black Friday is to go birding!  So on Friday, Ellen joined me once again on a trip to the Tres Rios Wetlands and we had Ann Givey join us on this trip.  Remember that to go birding at this location, a permit is required, so don't attempt to go birding out there without your permit.  Marsh Wrens were making their presence very well known by their constant singing and this time many of them were actually coming out of the reeds and we got several really good looks at them early in the morning. Most generally this is a bird that I hear quite often, but they rarely allow glimpses of themselves. 
 Marsh Wren
 Marsh Wren
Another bird that we encountered early on our adventure was a Black Phoebe perched on one of the fence wires, but actively hunting for the first insects of the morning.  We also watched at least 3 Belted Kingfishers during our walk and as usual, all of them did not allow any close-up photos; they always like to keep their distance!  An early morning Loggerhead Shrike pretty much ignored us and let us take a good look and allowed a photo or two.
Black Phoebe
Belted Kingfisher-Male

Loggerhead Shrike
We also had a couple of juvenile birds make their presence known; a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron and a juvenile Common Gallinule.
 Black-crowned Night Heron
Common Gallinule

Birds in flight is always a challenge and on this day the best shots came from the American White Pelicans and a female Northern Harrier.  The pelican has a wing span of about 9' feet, which really fills up the sky and it is one bird you can't miss in flight!
 American White Pelican
Northern Harrier

Will be going back soon to this location as I have promised a few others to join me in checking out this amazing place.



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